In the Press: December 2011

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When news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub catch it for a post we call “In the Press”.

Stephen has been a busy boy this month and the press has been equally busy covering his antics. As they say, opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody’s got one. So are you in or are you out?

Who’s Honoring Stephen Now?

Stephen Colbert Ballet

©Kris Long | New York Times

David Hallberg talks to Art Beat about his experience on The Colbert Report and his plans for the future. The article also includes clips of their interview and the Nutcracker dance. Hallberg has slightly less than flattering advice, describing how Stephen entered the dance. Check out the comments for a funny poem from a fan of both gentlemen.

Stephen Colbert Debate

MarketWatch gives us a report on the NAT GEO debate. Including a line up of other talent they’re planning for the show. Let’s just say, Stephen has reason to be afraid. Very afraid. Plus, Cesar Milan’s thoughts on the matter. There are some NAT GEO links at the end as well.

Colbert The Word

©Christie Keith | After Elton

AfterElton celebrates Stephen for being “a strong ally for the gay community, consistently using his fake-conservative persona to smilingly tear homophobic politicians and small minded public figures into tiny little shreds of battered, bleeding flesh, and then – still smiling – feed them to the sharks.” by making a tribute to his all time greatest gay moments.

Stephen Colbert Rally Jump Suit

©Carolyn Kaster | AP

The Christian Science Monitor weighs in on Colbert’s attempt to rename the South Carolina primary and get his referendum on the ballot. Stephen comes away smelling sweet but there’s harsh words for politicians risky enough to work with him. Check it out for the latest on who may get the corporation question on their ballots despite the court ruling.

Who’s Attacking Stephen Now?

Stephen Colbert White House Correspondents Dinner

©Roger L. Wollenberg | EW

PopWatch gives a critique of both The Colbert Report and The Daily Show for potentially crossing the line between comedy and political activism. Stephen’s megaphone made of money is being misunderstood once again, I fear. The author invites a healthy, respectful discussion on the matter. Feel free to head over and include your two cents!

Stephen Colbert FEC

©Sarah L. Voisin | The Washington Post

The Washington Post delivered an article last month, in which, an expert in political rhetoric questioned if Stephen’s Super PAC ads are crossing a line of propriety for a comedian. However, it also advocates a site that uses humor to fight inaccurate or misleading political ads. Perhaps a bit contradictory but interesting none the less.

The Colbert Report Coffee Mug

©Comedy Central

A sneak attack indeed! The Huffington Post reports that author Micheal Lewis stole a mug from The Colbert Report. There is also a link to The Valley Girl Show, which is fairly hilarious in and of itself, where you can watch the full interview. He talks about stealing the mug just after the eleven minute mark. Could this be Stephen’s karma for stealing O’Reilly’s microwave?

Who’s Riding Stephen’s Coattails Now?

Colbert SuperPAC

The Huffington Post gives a voice to a fan on a mission to garner Stephen’s help passing The California Clean Money Campaign, which intends to make full disclosure of where PACs receive their donations from (effectively removing the SHH! from Colbert Super PAC). The author shares her misadventures of trying to contact Mr. Colbert as well.

Colbert Olive Branch

© Comedy Central

In a tongue-in-cheek report by The Daily Beast, a brief mention is made of the Good Sir Dr. Rev. Stephen T. Colbert DFA as being in the running for a position as our National Security Adviser, should Tom Donilon decide to leave. He may even be a dark horse for Secretary of State. Who knew?

The author challenges us to write him if he’s neglected to mention anyone who should hold office. Jon Stewart, perhaps?

Burning Books

The Huffington Post discusses the Truthiness of genre in the world of literature. It addresses how defining written works in one category over another can be a form of censorship and how discussing matters such as truth versus Truthiness is a freedom in and of itself. If the author wants to know how genre affects literature, I suggest they check their gut.

Related Stories

Stephen Colbert Parade Magazine

© Andrew Eccles | Parade

From Interfaith Voices (radio clip) the Colbert Nation’s own chaplain, Father James Martin, sits down for a twenty minute conversation on faith and laughter. He talks about humor in a wide variety of religions and tells comical stories about several prominent religious leaders. Stephen would especially love the joke of a priest, a minister and a rabbi who try to convert a bear.

Come on Nation, say it with me: A bear? But they’re Godless killing machines!

Stephen Colbert - OWS

Newsbusters (a group dedicated to “exposing and combating liberal bias in the media”) writes a scathing report on Justin Wedes, who stared along with Ketchup in Stephen’s recent OWS segment. He admitted to forging a signature to get $5,000 in educational grant money from the government.

Tip of the Hat

Favorite comment this month from Uther in a Free Times article about the PAC and the South Carolina negotiations, “Corporations are people and so is Soylent Green.”

Wag of the Finger

Mediaite accuses Stephen of being a joke thief!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of In the Press! Here’s a little something extra to add to your Christmas cheer. Lest we forget, it is the late December version of the 4th. of July.

Stephen Colbert Los Angeles Times

©Carolyn Cole | Los Angeles Times


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