Kris the Kringle, as she is known in many circles and by many I mean none, is a long time fan of Stephen Colbert and a since conception fan of The Report.  “I can recall the very clip that made a fan of me. It was called, “Chain Smoke”.  I related to Stephen, as an underage smoker who stole cigarettes upon being carded.  Plus, in it I learned that eating meat and vegetables caused cancer, not smoking.  It validated my decision to skip school in favor of watching The Daily Show.  To this day I avoid eating vegetables whenever possible but still enjoy meat from time to time.  I guess we all have our bad habits.”  It should be noted that after the years of brain-cell-killing drug and alcohol abuse she’s engaged in, remembering such a thing is an accomplishment in and of itself.  As is expected of a bleeding heart liberal, she spends her free time occupying streets (do back roads count?) and being soft on crime.


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