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Stephen’s Super PAC and shenanigans have brought him a lot of attention this week.   However, he real talk of the town has been the editorial in The New York Times, “How Many Stephen Colbert’s Are There.”  Apparently, it’s author Charles McGrath decided to do a little coattail riding and he’s done and interview about his experience with Colbert.

As they say, opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody’s got one. So are you in or are you out?

Who’s Honoring Stephen Now?

Truthiness, Stephen Colbert

© Sophia A. McClennen | HuffPost

HuffPost author Sophia A. McClennen praised Colbert for his ability to use logic and wordplay to not only entertain but impact our culture and challenge our perceptions. The article does a good job highlighting some of Colbert’s linguistic lampoons. In it she states: “Ask a Colbert fan and they will undoubtedly have a series of favorite Colbertisms.” So Nation, what’s yours?


Stephen and Evelyn Colbert

© The Art Newspaper

The Post and Courier notes that while some of Stephen’s fellow South Carolinians may be grumbling over the not always flattering attention he brings their way, they can’t deny he loves his home state.  Evie and Stephen’s recent contribution to the Post and Courier Good Cheer Fund (which was struggling to match last year’s contributions) was a welcome relief to many a South Carolina family.


Stephen Colbert, Catholic, Pope

U.S. Catholic takes a faith based look at both the recent New York Times article and American’s for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.  The article praises the Pope of Cable for openly expressing his beliefs, which is especially uncommon in an industry renowned for mocking them.  It also takes a look back at some of Stephen’s most earnest, faithful moments.

Who’s Attacking Stephen Now?

crowd with pitchforks

© Susan H. |

NewsBusters is not an it-getter.  Although, I’m sure they would not want to get ‘it’ or even go anywhere near ‘it’.  Especially if it is the truth.  This article takes the Santorum drinking game out of context and accuses Stephen of “making light of partial birth abortion concerns”.  Unfortunately, it’s readers aren’t exactly avid watchers of the show so the comment section may get your blood boiling a bit I’m afraid.


Who’s Riding Stephen’s Coattails Now?

Stephen Colbert, New York Times, A Day With Stephen Colbert

© Todd Heisler | The New York Times

The New York Times author Charles MacGrath has not ‘capitalized’ enough on his recent interview with Colbert, it seems.  He’s now gone and given an interview about his interview with Stephen.  Talk about coattail riding!  He also touches briefly on his conversation with Jon.  This article is pretty darn fascinating considering its mostly opinions (i.e. gossip) about the conclusions McGrath drew about Colbert based on what he would or wouldn’t say and his penchant for slipping into character to avoid direct answers in interviews.

Stephen Colbert, Super PAC, Blues Harp Player

© Tripplaar Kristoffer | / Sippa |

TPM  a few folks from Vermont, including the state’s best blues harp player, have put together a Super PAC called American’s for a better tomorrow, today in a purposeful effort to copy our own Mr. Colbert.  It’s even more of an affront considering that their main goals are related to higher education and decreasing the burdens college students face.  We all know how much Stephen abhors Ivory Tower edujerks.  One of it’s members even directly challenges him saying, “How am I going to hang onto Stephen Colbert’s coattails if he doesn’t even have a coat when I’m done with him?”

Related Stories

Stephen Colbert, The Word, July 6 2011

The L.A. Times If you’re anything like me you can’t get enough linguistics.  No?  Well head over to the Times anyway and check out their article “Sext me your gnargoyle”.  It showcases some of the history of wordplay that Stephen and The Colbert Report writers are constantly engaged in.  Plus, it puts our Nation’s fearless leader on par with the likes of Lewis Carroll for word wizardry.  Not too shabby.


Montclair Library Trustees Evie Colbert

© Gwen Orel | Baristanet

Baristanet congratulates Evie Colbert and friend of the show Jonathan Alter for becoming Trustees for the Montclair Public Library Foundation.  Mrs. McGee-Colbert is amazing for her ability to raise kids, keep up with her husband, and manage to find time to participate in so many important associations in both her local community and her home state.


Stephen Colbert Jon Stewart Rally to Restore Sanity

© Saul Loeb|AFP|Getty Images

The Guardian investigates why liberals aren’t out-angrifying conservatives over the economic situation we find ourselves in and begins his article by declaring last years Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear as endemic of this issue.  However, the article doesn’t attack Colbert and Stewart.  It simply misconstrues the point of the Rally.  Beyond that it’s an interesting look at an outside perspective on American politics and their effect on its Western neighbors.

Stephen Colbert


Free Times author Kevin Fischer has a pretty strong opinion about the Republicans who were willing to work with Colbert in South Caroline before the state’s Supreme Court stepped in and ruined all our fun.  That opinion… wait for it… those republicans were dumb.  While the hypothesis may be simple the author does a good job supporting it with evidence in an article recounting Stephen’s recent escapades in South Carolina.  It is odd that the author never mentions the Democrats who jumped on the band wagon just as quickly.  Methinks he may protest too much.

Stephen Colbert and Sweetness

© Comedy Central |

HuffPost declares that the “secret weapon” in this year’s campaign trail is satire.  If that’s the case, our own AK-47 of comedy may be the death of more than one political career.  The article examines the importance of satire in a healthy democracy and how it is now showing up in unexpected places as a tool for shedding light on the political process.   The author reminds us that until that light disinfects the dishonesty in Washington, “no matter how smart the satire, political campaigns will remain a joke.”

Stephen Colbert, Super PAC AD

National Journal  takes a look a the year in Super PAC sponsored advertisements.  Starting with Stephen’s now infamous Parry with an “A” for American and IowA ad and progressing into the sludge we will see for the next eleven months.  So, if you need more exposure to the  “paid for by the people who won’t say they’re paying” ads check it out for a soul crushing good time.

Father Martin

© Inside Loyola

The Catholic Transcript Online reports that Father Martin will be speaking at the annual Archbishop St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast.  The proceeds of which will go to the Foundation for the Advancement of Catholic Schools.  So if you’ll be in the Hartford area don’t miss your chance to see The Nations Chaplain in action.



Tip of the Hat

Best comment goes to mhwood from The Atlantic Wire article, “The Extremely Normal, Utterly Bizarre Life of Stephen Colbert”:

“Stephen Colbert is the truest Christian with a super-PAC, which is incredibly funny and slightly terrifying.”

It was a tough call this time and I must give kudos to the two comments from the Baristanet article regarding Evie Colbert running for mayor.

Wag of the Finger

The USA Today gets a well deserved Wag of the Finger for asking us to choose between our two favorite hosts in a breakfast battle royal.  It pains me to say that Jon has more than double the votes of Stephen at this time.  Really, no matter what there’s no happiness to be found here.  That’s why you get a wag, The USA Today, that’s why you get a wag!

Well, that’s it for this edition of In the Press folks! Be sure to let me know if there was something you loved or something you could live without.  Also, if you have any suggestions for articles you feel were missing from this edition or would like to see in the next edition, shoot an email my way either through the site or the public email attached to my gravitar.  Thanks Hubsters!

Here is a picture to remind us all that bow ties are, in fact, the bomb.

Stephen Colbert, Harvard

© John Gushue


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