FIRST Robotic Competition

In the FIRST Robotics Competition Stephen opened the kickoff, introduced Dr. Woodie Flowers, and got an honorable mention by FIRST Founder Dean Kamen.

For any who are unfamiliar, FIRST challenges high school students to build robots that will be able to complete tasks.  They will then compete with these robots in tournaments all the way up to the World Championship and have the opportunity to win scholarships toward their college educations.

Greetings, future techno-overlords. Welcome to the 2012 FIRST Robotics Competition kickoff. You kids and I have a lot in common.

We’re both young, we’re both full of potential, we both use technology to devise brand new kinds of robots. Here, I’ll show you (picks up his iPhone and presses a button ding, ding). Build me a robot (ding, ding… If you say so). I do.

Now, I am a particular fan of the fact that you are using science to make robots that fight each other. I do it at home all the time. I make my Roomba and my toaster battle for my affection. And let’s just say that the Roomba will be making my toast from now on.

So, to get the show started I’m going to hand things off to FIRST President Jon Dudas. Quick note, Jon is a robot. If he goes on too long just throw a bucket of water on him. It’ll fry his circuits and shut him right down. Take it away Jon.


And now a man whose name says he should have been a cartoon character, please welcome Dr. Woodie Flowers.

Honorable mention at 28:45:

Dean Kamen-“We need popular culture, we need humor. Until there making fun of you on late-night TV, you’re not part of our culture. And there’s only one credible source of news left in this country, Stephen Colbert. And he’s part of this kickoff.”


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