Stephen Colbert media When news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub catch it for a post we call “In the Press”.

Nation, we all know that there’s huge news and Stephen’s it. The media are “obsessed”, as Colbert recently pointed out, by his political hijinks.  That might explain why there are nearly 800 Google news articles currently related to the topic.  Here’s some high and low lights.

Who’s Honoring Stephen Now?

Stephen Colbert, Donors Choose, Remembers High School

The first section in an article by  Contra Costa Times hails Stephen for joining the Presidential race.  A real it-getter, author Tony Hicks states, “Finally, a sensible person may get into this race.”  The article also revealed a juicy tidbit not seen on screen.  Apparently Stephen can legally volunteer for the Super PAC.  He is currently the vice president of youth outreach.  Is anyone else as flabbergasted as I am?

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Super PAC

© Kristopher Long | Comedy Central | Associated Press

The New York Times hails Stephen for the satirical genius behind the game he’s playing with our political system.  The hypothesis of the article is simple but brilliant, “Mr. Colbert is a serious performer playing a silly character, while the media and political world are deeply silly but pretending to be serious.”  It may be news to them, even if we’ve known this for awhile.  Still, it’s still fun to watch others discover.

Stephen Colbert, FEC, Super PAC, Money

© Chet Susslin | National Journal

HuffPost blogger, Joe the nerd Ferraro, pays tribute to Stephen’s recent run by coming up with creative ways to work around the lack of write in space on the upcoming South Carolina ballot.  South Carolinians, check this out to learn how you could make your voice heard for the low, low cost of $1.  Don’t ever let anybody tell you that freedom is free.

Who’s Attacking Stephen Now?

Stephen Colbert, 2012 Presidential election, Colbert Super PAC

© Bloomburg

Christian Science Monitor is less than amused at Stephen’s glorious bid for President of South Carolina. Flat out asking their audience, “What’s his point?” in the title.  The article implies that Stephen’s non-bid for president is more of a grab for attention then anything else but doesn’t go so far as to completely disregard the media attention that Stephen is bringing to what many consider an unethical law, at best.

Who’s Riding Stephen’s Coattails Now?

Stephen Colbert, Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, Washingto D.C.

© Patty Gaffney | CNN

CNN author Dean Obeidallah is in double trouble for attacking Colbert by riding his coattails.  You heard me right.  Mr. Obeidallah channels the character of Stephen Colbert and goes on attack, using language and logic that should seem all too familiar.  “I know some will dismiss the threat posed by Colbert — these apologists will defend him as “harmless” or say he’s no more than “a charismatic speaker” — but that is exactly what they said about Hitler.”

Related Stories

Stephen Colbert, Music, Kids

© Keith Hejna | Little Kids Rock

HuffPost contemplates campaign songs for Stephen’s Presidential bid.  Among their top choices: American Idiot, For the Love of Money, and Mr. Know It All.  What do you think Hubsters?  What should be the soundtrack to Mr. Colbert’s journey to the White House?

I’m partial to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, Bite the Hand that Feeds You by NIN, and SexyBack by Justin Timberlake.

Really it doesn’t matter though, we all know Stephen’s true anthem, I Want You to Want Me.

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart,  Super PAC Time analyzes how Colbert and Stewart are taking full advantage of the Citizen’s United ruling.  The article chronicles some of the history leading to the current law and takes a serious look at where the line between our 1st Amendment rights end in the face of corruption.  It also calls attention to how our actual presidential candidates are pressing the limits of the law.

Stephen Colbert, Supreme Court Hearing, Sticking out tongue

© Getty Images

The Examiner takes a serious look at the effects of Colbert’s run, satirical or serious, on the rest of the GOP’s candidates.  While the article addresses the potential outcomes if it was possible for voters to cast their ballots Colbert’s way, it goes even further by taking the media coverage of candidates into account.  No one can deny that the media splash Colbert’s announcement made is a bit overpowering. The Examiner opines that the big winner in all this may just be Obama.

Tip of the Hat

new_york_loner (from the Christian Science Monitor article)

Mr. Colbert’s brand of humor is what I would call “gallows humor”…we are laughing, as the special interests build the gallows of freedom….and we citizens are sentenced to hang from those gallows, as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s Supreme Perfidy.

Mr. Colbert deftly dances on the line between comedy and humor…between showmanship and citizenship.  I salute his performance and I applaud his efforts.

Wag of the Finger

Stephen Colbert, Super PAC, FEC

© Brian Montopoli | CBS News

CBS News earns a finger wag for their wholly depressing outlook on Colbert’s run. Come on guys, we all know it’s a joke but do you have to be such bubble bursters?  The wholly imaginative title, Stephen Colbert isn’t really running for president, is only the start. The article goes on to state, “Stephen Colbert has about as much chance of being elected president in South Carolina as he has of being elected pope.” Now that you mention it, I think Stephen would make an excellent Pope. He’s already the Pope of cable TV, right?

Well, that’s it for this edition of In the Press folks! Be sure to let me know if there was something you loved or something you could live without.  Also, if you have any suggestions for articles you feel were missing from this edition or would like to see in the next edition, shoot an email my way through the site email which is attached to my gravatar.  Thanks Hubsters!


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