Monday mini post

A CN Helper, helper edition.

Everybody knows I am a loyal son of the south. You can tell by my thick Southern accent and, of course, the parasol I carry to protect me from the noon day sun. Or else, I do declare, I would get a brain fever.

NEW Cheating Death Intro: There's the queen, there's the girl. Where's the pretty lady? Oh, that's a two my friend... Oh!

That's it for The Report everybody, goodnight!

For the full version of this guide, please check out the Colbert News Hub to see what CN Helper has done for us today.

I will be doing a full guide this Thursday. As always, you can expect to see heavy construction going on for the post throughout the night. I will do my typical “post as you go”. For now, enjoy a sneak peek at some possible Guide caps for the Hub ^_^


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