Hello All!

To my amazement people have actually found and are viewing this site.  No one could be more surprised than me.  

You see this site is just a creation zone/dumping ground for work I do on a site called Colbert News Hub.  Once in awhile something pops up here that is not for that site but it’s all Colbert related.  While everyone is welcome to visit my work here please know that the official source of all your Colbert needs should be the Hub.  There you will find guides for every night and a whole host of other amazing and fun Report related posts.  

Sometimes, you will find that my posts are edited down for content on that site so if you are from a country where it is difficult to watch the show and want a transcript style it may be prudent to check here occasionally.  Furthermore, if this is the case for you please feel free to message me or leave a comment and let me know.  I will make an effort to transcribe more if I know there is a need for it.

Thank you! 


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