In The Press– Summer Edition 2012

Stephen Colbert media When news stories fall through the cracks, we here at Colbert News Hub catch it for a post we call “In the Press”.  

Hello Nation!  This summer has seen a drought of epic proportions and I’m not talking about the uncertainties of this falls corn harvest, I’m talking about In The Press.  How my fellow Hubsters have managed to survive without a constant, nourishing rain of Stephen related news, I cannot say.  Except to say I’m pretty sure they ate Tad to tide them over.

Stephen Colbert, Kenneth Callicutt, art

© Kenneth Callicutt

Buzz Buzz

Whether its to honor him, ride his coat tails, or simply because he’s too big to ignore Stephen is forever showing up in interviews, “Top” lists, and bizarre (if not interesting) research.  Here’s a recap of some of the buzz about our favorite Colbee over the summer.

Daily Show writer, Keven Bleyer, is questioned (or perhaps inquisitioned is more apt) by The Hill about whether he would vote for his employer, Mr. Stewart or Mr. Colbert were they competing for a presidential ticket.  Of course, Bleyer comes to the same conclusion any of us would: we wouldn’t have to worry about voting due to the inevitable duel. Oh yes, and I believe something or other is mentioned about his new book…

HuffPost gives a photographic nod to charitable comedians and Stephen appears on the list three times (spots 5, 16, and 23).

U.S. Olympian, Alex Morgan, discusses her feelings about Stephen making the Maxim’s Hot 100 list with Bleacher Report (begins about 1:45).

Stephen Colbert arms out


PolicyMic takes a look at both Jon and Stephen as satirical geniuses and political players of a sort.  It’s always enjoyable to read articles where the author understands both TDS/TCR’s comedic intentions but can also recognise the particular catch 22 of the hosts actual impact on society (in light of their claims to have no such influence).  This article doesn’t fail in that regard and is excellently balanced in their discussion of it.

Mediaite delivers the shocking news that Stephen bears a resemblance to Bob Saget (Full HouseAmerica’s Funniest Home Videos).  The comparison has been made many times before.  ATTEN: If you close the pop up you will miss the pic.  However, to view the actual article you must click the title of the pop up (or here)…  I now have the AFHV theme song stuck in my head.  Not a pretty sight:  America, America, this is you.

Forbes celebrates Reddit’s Ask Me Anything and lists Stephen as a participant (link to Stephen’s answers: here). Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with the back story: Stephen was never a true AMA participant.  Instead, he dangled the possibility of answering questions AMA style in front of fans to motivate them to reach a goal of $500,000 in donations for Donors Choose.  The interesting part was that, while Stephen may have set a goal, the fund raising was a true “grass roots” movement among fans to get Stephen to hold a rally to counter the one Glen Beck was doing at the time.  Not long after, The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was held but according to Misters Steward and Colbert, it had already been in the works long before the fans charitable blackmail began.

Two religious dating sites conducted highly unscientific research which resulted in findings that may (surprisingly) be quite accurate, if not obvious.  According to the LA Times, it was found that Jewish audiences prefer Jon Stewart while Christians favor Colbert.  As shocking as that is, it’s not nearly as shocking as the fact that a dating site would attempt such “research” at all.

Stephen Colbert, retro

Stefano Dionisi | All Hands On Deck

Back in PAC

While the media frenzy has died down surrounding AFABTT, temporarily at least, there have been a couple of interviews with key PAC players that I thought you might enjoy.

Most, if not all, members of the Colbert Nation are familiar with Trevor Potter, Stephen’s legal adviser for his Super PAC.  However, the far less renowned Matt Sanderson has also been apart of Colbert’s PAC team from the get go and discusses his adventures with The Salt Lake City Tribune.

The first college student who started a PAC in conjunction with Americans For A Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow was Paul Benefiel.  Mr. Benefiel discusses his PAC journey and his reasons for taking it with Austin’s Culture Map.

 Colbrelated News

Vulture interviewed Lizz Winstead (Co-creator of TDS/TCR).  She gives some interesting insight into the dynamics of the show and her own view of comedy.

Francis Martel of Mediaite questions whether or not it’s time for Jon to retire due to him having “ridden this genre train to its logical destination”.  I know Stephen would want me to spare you all as much reading as humanly possible so in the interest of brevity the answer is: “No, Mr. Martel. It’s not.”

For those of us who have heard, for years, about the great right whine that people get their news from the clowns at Comedy Central and not their networks clowns, ahem, I mean anchors and wished to some greater power that research would one day be done: I bring you sweet, sweet redemption via the LA Times.  Enjoy! (Yes, the research was conducted by a Democratic organization but they appear to have conducted good, solid research and it is doubtful the Republicans would ever bother considering how much cheaper it is to make false claims and how embarrassing it is to be found wrong).

Stephen Colbert, Webbys

© Getty Image

And Nothing But the Whole Truthiness

Following some recent and well publicized research proving that truthiness is a real force in life (duh!), the word Stephen invented to describe the thesis of his show has been hot on the tongues of writers around the world lately.  Don’t believe me?  Just Google ‘truthiness’ and click on news or, ya know, just look down and see what’s up.

The Idaho Mountain Express takes a serious look at how truthiness affects our ability to vote freely and it takes an even more serious look at how current laws are doing an even better job of it.

IndiaWest explores truthiness in the hiring process and how your perspective employer’s gut may be more powerful than your resume.

HuffPost has some very strong words for the truthiness occurring in our political campaigns and is suggests some equally strong consequences to curb them.

Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Emmy

© Mathew Imaging | Wire Image | Getty Images

Tip of the Hat

A big tip o’ the had goes to Leo1973 who responded to this comment:

The only difference from merchandising between Stewart/Colbert and other news organizations is that the other news organizations are more reserved, and the Stewart/Colbert team push products whenever they can.

With a well thought out and rational response:

Actually, the real difference is that Stewart/Colbert are comedians doing a parody of news shows, and the others are actual news organizations. There are no reporters breaking stories at Comedy Central, all they do is make fun of the coverage at the other networks.
Also, the cable news air 24/7 while Stewart/Colbert have 4 20 minute shows a week, so there is a difference in scope, even as one acknowledges that we are comparing comedians to reporters.
From my perspective, Stewart/Colbert can do whatever they want, because they are not claiming to be a news organization.

These comments came from the Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Selling Out?  The premises of the article is obvious and shows a lack of thoughtfulness, however the comments attached are very articulate and interesting, if you enjoy that sort of thing.


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